BELGO PRISM is active in the plastics industry and specialised in the manufacturing of plastic products and gadgets. The company invests heavily in research, development and the continuous optimization of its products and designs. Our products are designed to offer a technological advantage compared to products from other players on the market, and to remain sustainable in the long run.

We can manufacture products in PVC, TPR (medical grade) and Silicone (food grade) in our factory in Belgium. We take care of the entire packaging process of our products. We keep the entire added value, both in terms of the products and the services, within the company BELGO PRISM. Naturally, our products are designed and produced in full compliance with the latest European hygiene standards.

We are launching a major growth program to ensure the company can evolve and meet the quality requirements of the market while remaining competitive.

We are a Reach registered company specializing in the distribution of a range of chemical products, including Sodium Nitrite, Chloride acid, Amyl nitrite, Pentyl nitrite, and Isopropyl nitrite. We offer delivery options that cater to both small and large containers. With our commitment to quality and safety, you can trust us to provide reliable and efficient service

This involves significant investment in modernizing our production equipment and our current installations. The program also encompasses aspects of the ‘expansion’ and ‘strategy’ of development that should not be underestimated for ensuring the growth and sustainability of the activities of SA BELGO PRISM.

At Belgo Prism, we take pride in our production of high-quality chemicals and plastic products. As a small company with a proven track record in the industry, we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers through efficient and reliable manufacturing processes.


At Belgo Prism, we specialize in custom manufacturing and sourcing of fine chemicals, often exceeding the specifications available in the marketplace. Our state-of-the-art production facilities include four reactors capable of producing various types of alkyl nitrite.

At Belgo, we prioritize speed and efficiency in our manufacturing processes, allowing us to deliver products “just in time” to meet the demands of our customers. Our commitment to timely delivery ensures that you receive your products when you need them, without compromising on quality. We have the expertise to manufacture a range of nitrite products, including isopropyl, amyl, pentyl Nitrite. We offer flexible delivery options, from final packaged products to large containers, to meet the needs of our customers.

To limit these risks, professionals should bring their production closer, geographically, economically and culturally. If not, they risk remaining dependent, with the danger of a disruption in their value chain at any time.

Legal security

In the event of legal, commercial or administrative disputes, it is easier to discuss with open and nearby partners rather than distant suppliers from a different culture.

This is even more valid as trade wars seem to increase, leading people to ignore trade rules.

In the same spirit, Belgo Prism guarantees to all its customers a total respect of confidentiality clauses. There is no danger of dealing with counterfeit products from a so-called partner that has turned into a competitor. With a reduced time to market, each designer can develop a new concept idea as fast as possible.